Effective Pilot Diet Plan

by Cadrian on August 9, 2012

While using Pilot Diet plan where it’s allowed everything, the main goal is to stay within the given points and the combination of meals – which sometimes can be difficult to sustain. This effective Pilot Diet Plan, also, enters in “fast” diet groups and losing weight is around 5 pounds in seven days.
Effective Pilot Diet Plan
Everything you need to do is to obey the rule, within one day to have available a certain number of points and nothing more. How will you combine your meals is a matter of choice, but must not exceed the number allowed by points in a day (18 to 20 points). You can even “save”, so to say in one day you can eat products worth 15 points, and tomorrow make up the difference at a party. When everything summarize, it is worth to try. If you engage in this “adventure”, it is appropriate to have a notepad in hand, which will write after each meal how many points you have used. Below is the list of points and meals when using pilot diet plan:

Effective Pilot Diet plan Breakfast – 3 or 4 points for successful flat stomach diet

3 points – 1 orange or drained, 1 pastry yogurt with a little cucumber, tea or coffee.

3 points – a refreshing fruit salad (oranges, grapefruit, kiwi), 3 pieces of salad with a little not much fat cheese, tea or coffee.

3 points – semolina boiled with milk (200 ml.), Dried fruits (20 g.), Tea or coffee.

3 points – 1 banana, cup of whipped cream, tea or coffee.

4 points – 2 integral pieces of bread (40 g). Teaspoon butter and 2 teaspoons of jam, two kiwi fruit, tea or coffee.

4 points – glass of orange juice, pancake with a little jam, tea or coffee.

4 points – 2 slices bread (60 gr.), 2 pieces of melted not very fat cheese, 1 grapefruit, coffee or tea.

4 points – Rusks with marmalade, cup a little fat milk, two kiwi fruit, tea or coffee.

Main Pilot Diet plan meals (lunch) of your choice 6-8 points

6 points – Slice boiled white fish, green salad bowl with vinegar and oil, vanilla cream with caramel and a pear.

6 points – salad of tomato with a teaspoon of olive oil, garlic, slice cooked chicken (white meat) with a teaspoon of margarine, 2 teaspoons of mashed potatoes, 3 tangerines.

6 points – 1 piece of cooked fish dish mushrooms, 2 potatoes, cooked by steaming or 4 tablespoons cooked rice, 1 fruit yogurt.

8 points – a glass of wine, 10 crackers, kale cooked by steam, 2 small potatoes, 1 scoop of ice cream.8 points – 1 piece of baked salmon grilled with a teaspoon of tartar sauce, 2 teaspoons of cooked rice, 1 tablespoon yogurt, 1 peach or apple.

8 points – 1 stuffed tomato (with no fat cheese), roasted rump of rabbit with incense, spoon oil, 4 teaspoons corn meal, 1 fresh pineapple slices.

6 points – 1 serving plate vegetable soup without pasta, a grilled steak baked (remove fat), 4 tablespoons pasta dish baked.

6 Points – lasagna with zucchini and cheese, 1 egg, slices of bread, green salad with a little oil, vinegar and spices, dish blueberry or blackberry.

8 Points – cucumber with 2 tablespoons yogurt, 1 slices bread, 1 veal cutlet from the thigh (60 g.) 6 tablespoons peas, 1 pear or apple

8 Points – vegetable soup with a teaspoon of sour milk, boiled vegetables (optional) and 2 cooked chicken fillets, 1 fruit yogurt.

8 Points – 1 veal cutlet baked teaspoon of margarine, 250 g. peas with carrots, a glass of wine.

Additional Note

In the case of hunger, some of the following snacks can help, but it will cost you 2 points:

An integral roll

1 slice bread topped with 15 g. melted chocolate

2 small pancakes with a little butter

1 slice of cheese pie

A small chocolate cake

Include fish 3 times a week in your pilot diet plan.

Thanks to the protein and healthy fatty acids, fish is one of the best products of your Pilot Diet plan menu. It also brings a lot of points, and full of healthy ingredients. Do not deny the “fat” blue fish (tuna, salmon) because it only contains useful fat for achieving most success from pilot diet plan.

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